Reversible vintage beach bag, handcrafted, highly resistant. Made in Spain.
• Exterior: 100% organic cotton
• Inner lining: 100% rayon
• Nickel zipper

A versatile and long-lasting product, perfect to bring whatever you need for the day.


Reversible beach bag, 100% organic cotton

Size: 36 cm x 36 cm x 45 cm

Weight: 800 grams

Wide double straps ensure maximum comfort

Handcrafting makes every bag unique


Aa Doble a beach bags are specially designed with a vintage vibe. The more you use them, the better they get. Plus, the color of these designer bags doesn’t fade. They are made to go with you in time, as a response to our commitment to sustainable fashion.

If you want to wash them at home and go for that vintage look, we recommend you follow these instructions:

1. Use a detergent for delicate fabrics or one like Lagarto Platinum Blanco Color soap (Marseille soap).

2. Apply the detergent directly on the bag, either on the areas that need it most or spread it evenly throughout.

3. Put your Aa Doble a bag in the washing machine, by itself or with laundry, and use a program for WOOL or DELICATE FABRICS.

4. Take your bag out of the washing machine as soon as it finishes, spread it out, and let it dry on a flat surface. Separate the lining from the canvas so it dries faster.

5. Iron the interior and the lining on a table. When you are done, put the lining inside and your Aa Doble a bag will be ready to go wherever you want.

With each use and after every wash, your bag will take on a more vintage look, but the color won’t fade. After ironing it, your bag will go back to its natural state, since the fabric doesn’t shrink.

We recommend dry cleaning.


We also take care of our environmental footprint when we send you your Aa doble a order. That’s why we use totally organic and sustainable carton packaging and kraft paper that are certified according to FSC standards, biodegrade in a matter of days, and can be recycled.

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From the blue Mediterranean, the sun, the warm sand, the endless afternoons by the sea. From the texture and color, from honoring the time required by things that are worth doing.

That is how Aa doble a was born, the new brand of conscious fashion created to express the way you see the world: a brand that makes every step a gesture that counts towards our commitment with everything that surrounds us.

Unique, handmade products, designed to enjoy, fill with memories, and be your companion along this journey towards bringing out the best in you.

Inspiration that comes from you

Aa doble a is impregnated with a lasting character, the value of the moment, expressed in its fabrics and vintage colors.

Essential accessories that convey your uniqueness, like each of our bags.

Conscious fashion for your daily life

Aa doble a was born out of respect for our environment. From the very beginning, it has been a project with a social and environmental commitment.
A journey that grows with you in each of our bags and accessories.





Exclusive design


Aa Doble a is more than a bag, it’s the expression of your way of understanding life.

The accessory that will go with you during each of those moments that will become unique, just like each of our designs.

Discover our collection now.