From the blue Mediterranean, the sun, the warm sand, the endless afternoons by the sea. From the texture and color, from honoring the time required by things that are worth doing.

That is how Aa doble a was born, the new brand of conscious fashion created to express the way you see the world: a brand that makes every step a gesture that counts towards our commitment with everything that surrounds us.

Unique, handmade products, designed to enjoy, fill with memories, and be your companion along this journey towards bringing out the best in you.

Inspiration that comes from you

Aa doble a is impregnated with a lasting character, the value of the moment, expressed in its fabrics and vintage colors. Essential accessories that convey your uniqueness, like each of our bags.

Conscious fashion for your daily life

Aa doble a was born out of respect for our environment. From the very beginning, it has been a project with a social and environmental commitment.
A journey that grows with you in each of our bags and accessories.





Exclusive design


Aa Doble a is more than a bag, it’s the expression of your way of understanding life.
The accessory that will go with you during each of those moments that will become unique, just like each of our designs.
Discover our collection now.


100% cotton fabric

All our production process is completely sustainable, ecological, and transparent.

Our collection has been handcrafted by women who take care of every detail, making each bag unique.


A bag for each moment: solid color or printed pattern.

Specially designed colors and fabrics so you can carry the bag the way you


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